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Bases: object

add_lt(name, transceivers=None, **params)

Add lt node :param name: name of lt :param transceivers: transceivers of LT for automated instantiation :return: added lt

add_roadm(name, **params)

Add a ROADM node. :param name: name of ROADM :return: added ROADM

add_amplifier(name, amplifier_type='EDFA', **params)

Add an Amplifier node. :param name: name of Amplifier :param amplifier_type: amplifier type (currently supporting only EDFA) :return: added Amplifier

Add a uni-directional link :param src_node: source node in link :param dst_node: destination node in link :param src_out_port: src_node output port :param dst_in_port: dst_node input port :param boost_amp: optional amplifier object for boost_amplification :param spans: :param **params: optional keyword parameters for fiber/span (eg. srs_model, wd_loss etc.) :return: created and added link

This does not consider if there are multiple output ports to the dst_node, as it is the case of the LTs and ROADMs

This checks